BOTANIC AFFAIRS was founded in 2019 by botanical and interior stylist Asta Ramelyte-Hauf. With experience and focus on floral design, concept development, planning and interior styling, BOTANIC AFFAIRS executes projects for private customers as well as for the commercial clients.

Asta Ramelyte-Hauf has earlier worked with interior design and styling for furniture retail projects involving Instore design and showroom decoration. Her work stems from deep love of nature and aesthetics. She uses this influences to transform your essence in to the language of flowers.

Specialising in wild and sculptural botanical styling, all pieces are inspired by the harmonious dance that occures in nature.

BOTANIC AFFAIRS is always looking for new exciting projects. So get in touch and I look forward to catching up.

E-mail: hello@botanicaffairs.com

Phone: +49 163 4878796

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